I love what Avid lyfe has done with their mods been a fan since the Manhattan mod and it just gets better and better I have yet to own a authentic but I do have a few clones that out top any mod I have I'll be buying an authentic as soon as I can afford one.

- Larry D.
The craftsmanship and love, the quality over quantity...makes this my go to monster for everyday use...hands down the best mod out there...I will never buy anything else but AV for life.

- Jeremiah V.
I've been vaping for about 3 years. I've had all kinds of different mods. About a year ago I bought my first copper able and since then haven't bought anything but AV. I have a full copper able, full cotton candy able with sleeve and modfather and recently picked up a timekeeper. These are my prized possessions. Nobody makes higher quality mechanical mods than avid lyfe. Absolute 5 stars all day. Buying their mods is also like putting money in the bank, you can always sell them and get almost if not more than retail back.

- Patrick J.
Great company and great product!! If you're gonna get something from AV get yourself an able they hit so hard and it's a great mod with interchangeable sleeves but overall like I said great company, community and outstanding products!!

- Macen D.
I bought my first AV mod in July of 2014, of which was a brass Manhattan. I still have the mod to this day and it performs just as it did when I first bought it. I was honestly shocked by its performance when I first bought it. It started an addiction to AV mods, I have owned nearly every mod the have manufactured and I am never disappointed to the performance, quality, and customer service provided with this company. I would highly suggest, at the very least, purchasing at least one of their mods. 5 out of 5 stars hands down.

- Sammy B.
Super good mod best Quality ever super safe system is a mod the I recommend for everyone.

- Alan G.
Just picked up my Able today, holy shit this thing is good!! Easily the hardest hitting mech I've used. Top notch craftsmanship too.

- Andrew E.
Started out with the buster mod. Loved it. Stepped up to a skyline. Loved it. Then the able. Freakin loved it. Then another able and another skyline. Well you know I loved it!! Keep it up AV!!!

- Eric R.
My first mod was a Manhattan and since that point I have continued to be impressed by the mods that have came out. my newest piece is the Able mod and it is by far my favorite mod to date. This company has the best customer service and outstanding products. You won't be disappointed if you give them a shot. This quality cannot be beat.

- Matt M.